Ozzy Osbourne ‘Bloods Clots’ Bombshell Revealed

The legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne was recently forced to cancel his appearance at the massive Power Trip metal festival, which will take place this October in Indio, California. The legendary singer, who has been plagued with numerous health struggles over the last few years, seemed initially confident that he would be fit to do this gig as a prelude to a potential 2024 tour.

However, Osbourne’s body ultimately wasn’t ready for the ordeal, and the frontman backed out of the line-up, being replaced by fellow legends Judas Priest.

Now, the singer gave his first health update following the cancellation on his SiriusXM channel, Ozzy’s Boneyard, where he told fans he recently had a blood clot filter removed from an artery (via Loudwire):

“When I had the blood clots in my legs, they put a filter in your artery to stop the blood clots going to your heart and your brain. It sounds worse than it is.

“So, on Monday, I went to have it removed. The blood clots have jammed you all up. It’s just disappointment after disappointment. Just get this thing fucking done so I can go get on with my life.”

Earlier this year, Ozzy announced his retirement from touring due to the fragility of his health, although he later clarified his statement and ensured fans that he would still like to perform live, but in a way that would be less taxing on his body.