Ted Nugent Melts Down After Jason Aldean Insults


The controversial rocker Ted Nugent recently slammed the critics of country music superstar Jason Aldean over his hit song “Try That in a Small Town” which has been denounced as racist by the usual suspects via American Wire News.

The Motor City Madman joined host Jimmy Failla on “Fox News Saturday Night” where he tuned up Aldean’s critics as “idiots” with “no soul” who have completely misinterpreted Aldean’s song which he emphatically stated is “against violence” and not the phony narrative that’s been spun as an excuse to have his fellow musician canceled.

After telling Failla that he’s out on the road for his “last and greatest tour” and expressing his appreciation for his “perfect” band, crew, family, and dogs, the iconic guitar slinger said, “I know there’s a bunch of idiots out there but you need to get a kick out of the idiots.”

“The idiots hate this Jason Aldean song because they hate when we push back against violence,” Nugent continued.

“They always get it 180 degrees wrong. This song is against violence. The song is about self-defense. The song is about protecting your loved ones in your neighborhood. If you find fault with a song that celebrates protecting your loved ones, your neighborhood, you might be going down to Target to the Satan display and gettin’ on your knees,” he added, drawing a hearty laugh from Failla.

“These are just weird people. We dismiss them out of hand because they’ve got no soul. I laugh in their face,” he said, no stranger to attacks from leftist zanies who hate him for his patriotic defense of America. An outspoken defender of the Second Amendment, Nugent is also a vocal supporter of former President Donald J. Trump and performed at his big campaign kick-off rally in Waco, Texas earlier this year.

“I’ve always stood up radically – extremist – for God, family, country, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Ten Commandments, golden rule, work ethic, law and order, all that really radical stuff, and that represents the heart and soul of the best, most passionate, most cocky, most fun people in the world,” Nugent said, adding.

“When people started realizing that to be silenced because of fear of being canceled – before the term canceled really was implemented – people realized that Ted Nugent was always on the front lines standing up for truth and logic and common sense and my audiences are full of the most positive uppity outrageous defiant, independent, patriots in the world.”

“The reach of social media gets to good people all over the world, and all the good people in the world are saying what the Nugent family says, go, Jason, go… we salute you, and we stand with you,” added Uncle Ted.

Aldean has defiantly refused to bend a knee to the leftist mob and at a show in Cincinnati on Friday, the crowd went absolutely wild when he defended himself and ripped the “bulls**t” that’s been ruining America, drawing chants of “USA! USA! USA!”