Ozzy Osbourne Goes Full Tom DeLonge In Video


Ozzy Osbourne launched “The Madhouse Chronicles” with Billy Morrison last April, a show dedicated to watching “the craziest internet clips” and discussing a wide range of topics. In a recent episode, the legendary singer shared his thoughts about aliens. The episode’s synopsis teased:

“Ever wondered what it’s like to meet an alien? Find out in our Aliens Sneak Peek of ‘The Madhouse Chronicles!’ Want more? Use code TMC25 for 25% off your first month at osbourmediahouse.com/membership. Visit the link to know the truth!”

In the episode’s trailer shared on YouTube, Morrison asked Osbourne if he wanted to see a UFO. Osbourne eagerly responded:

“I’d love to see. I’d love to meet an alien.”

Morrison then followed up by asking what Osbourne would say if an alien landed in his backyard. With his trademark humor, Ozzy replied:

“What’s the drugs like?”

The topic of aliens has been an ongoing point of discussion between Morrison and Osbourne. They announced “The Madhouse Chronicles” in April 2024 and later detailed the show in an interview with Revolver. Morrison confirmed that they had been discussing aliens for years and decided to bring that conversation to their show. They also delve into other subjects, including drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, and viral social media clips.

In the same interview, the former Black Sabbath frontman repeated his wish to meet an alien and elaborated on his thoughts about their existence:

“You know what fascinates me? People say that they’re here, or whatever, but why haven’t we seen one [up close]? There’s been a million UFO sightings. If they can build the things that get here, they must have supersonic technology… [but] if mankind is what I think it still is, the first thing we’d want to know is what weapons [they have] so we could use their weapons.”

Osbourne’s curiosity about aliens shows a way broader interest with the unknown and the supernatural, themes that have often permeated his music and public persona. His humorous yet sincere musings on aliens give a lot of intrigue to “The Madhouse Chronicles,” making it a show that combines entertainment with thought-provoking content. As Osbourne and Morrison continue to explore various topics, fans can expect more of the singer’s near-infinite wit again.

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