Ozzy Osbourne Warns Teens About Using ‘Death Dust’


Ozzy Osbourne responds to Death Dust

Liquid Death has launched a new electrolyte mix called Death Dust, and Ozzy Osbourne appears in a funny commercial to warn people not to misuse it. In the ad, two teens are about to open a pack of Death Dust and put it in their water bottles. Suddenly, Ozzy shows up in his car and tells them not to snort it:

“Death Dust? Take it from me, don’t snort that stuff.”

He then warns them not to try freebasing it or injecting it, and not even to think about boofing it. The commercial uses humor to remind people to use the product correctly.

“Whatever you do, don’t try freebasing it, and never ever inject it!” “And don’t even think about boofing it.”

In February, Liquid Death announced that ‘Death Dust’ would be sold on Amazon. Fans reacted with humor, with one jokingly asking if they could snort it:

“Can I snort it?”

The company responded:

“Death Dust is best when mixed with 16-19oz of water or tea. Please do not attempt to snort Death Dust.”

Despite the company’s response, comments continued. Another user said:

“It’s best with water, just okay if snorted.”

And another added:

“I am not hearing a no.”

Ozzy Osbourne has recently appeared in several commercials. In February, he was featured promoting the PlayStation VR2 headset, where he enthusiastically dove into gaming, much to Sharon’s dismay.

During the same period, he also starred in a Super Bowl advertisement for Workday, sharing the screen with Billy Idol and Paul Stanley.