Ozzy Osbourne Makes Brutal Elton John Revelation


Ozzy Osbourne has claimed that Elton John helped him recover from his brutal pain, and credited him for helping get him off the couch after his horrible injury earlier this year. Ozzy Osbourne made a painful Slash revelation yesterday.

Ozzy told the Sun, “Elton told me to get off the couch and start walking, which was what I needed, as I couldn’t move off it for months. He was right. Elton is a sweetheart. He has phoned me throughout all this. He was at the house the other day with his two boys.”

Ozzy Osbourne recently revealed why he really cheated on his wife. Osbourne added about John, “They are great kids. They are such a good family. You would be surprised, when you are feeling miserable you find out who is a friend and who doesn’t give a s**t.”

Osbourne recently confirmed that he has recorded a new solo album, and a fan on Ozzy’s Reddit recently said he wishes he would change producers.

caveman_tan posted, “I know it’ll never happen, but I’d really love Ozzy to drop Kevin Churko as producer for the next (and possibly final) Ozzy record.

I’m hoping it can be as eclectic a record as ever, and that could happen with a more eclectic producer. (Ozzy Osbourne ‘whacking’ cocaine with a big name was detailed a few days ago)

If he got someone like Nick Raskulinecz, who’s done the last few Alice In Chains albums and the latest Halestorm album, the album could be really classy and heavy.

Or maybe have someone like Dave Grohl come in and help? The dude’s got a great ear for producing records.

EDIT: Well, I’ll be damned. I just read an article saying he’s recorded an album with Andrew Watt producing, who’s produced Post Malone’s stuff and also played guitar with Glenn Hughes’ and Jason Bonham’s short lived project, California Breed. I’m very into this.” You can read Ozzy’s full interview at The Sun.