Ozzy Osbourne Makes Sad ‘Crack Cocaine’ Revelation


Legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne and Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens recorded a song titled “Crack Cocaine” several years back, as Osbourne revealed on SiriusXM, but it has sadly remained unreleased. Lars Ulrich revealed recently what Ozzy Osbourne did to Metallica.

Stevens told Talking Metal, “I think there’s one which kind of rose to the top. I was asked to write with him by Billy Morrison, the second guitar player in Billy Idol. [Ozzy and Billy are] buddies, and I have a home studio. [Morrison] said, ‘Can I bring Ozzy over to do some writing?’ There’s one song which may see the light of day.

I was just happy to have [Ozzy in the studio with me]. I set up my microphone and you hear that voice and you get chills. Same as I do with Geezer [Butler] when we are in the room [playing together with Deadland Ritual] and you just play guitar and it’s sitting next to that bass sound.

“I’ve always maintained that I’m a fan. I’ve never lost that kid fan thing out of the music that made me wanna do this. And I think that’s what keeps me kind of always looking to get better and work with other people. Yeah, maybe the Ozzy thing will see the light of day.”

Ozzy Osbourne crying after a divorce bombshell was revealed yesterday. A study that explores the tendencies of the human brain has revealed why Ozzy Osbourne has survived drug and alcohol problems for decades.

In 2010, when scientists at Knome Inc. were looking to study a special human’s DNA, and the Cambridge, Mass.-based human genome company reached out to Ozzy Osbourne to find out how he had survived hard living.

They discovered a ‘mutation’ and genetic variations that predisposed him to drug and alcohol dependencies. Bill Sullivan wrote in his new book, ‘Pleased to Meet Me: Genes, Germs and the Curious Forces that Make Us Who We Are’ that Ozzy is a ‘genetic mutant.’