Lars Ulrich Reveals What Ozzy Osbourne Did To Metallica


Lars Ulrich looked back at Ozzy Osbourne asking Metallica to headline OzzFest for the first time 11 years ago. Lars Ulrich kicked the stage at a Metallica show recently after a technical screw up.

Ulrich said, “11 years ago today, August 9th 2008, we played OzzFest in Dallas, Texas. Not only was it super cool to finally play at and headline our first ever ‘Fest, but two other things of note happened that night…

It was the first time we ever performed a track from the just finished Death Magnetic album, this being ‘Cyanide’… and we played our cover version/tribute to Mercyful Fate, the crazy, kooky, way fun and over the top ‘Mercyful Fate’ medley from the Garage Inc. album with none other than the band’s main man himself and our good friend @KingDiamond joining us on vocals, singing his own songs! Talk about being in Rock ‘n Roll heaven. Here are a coupla snaps with the King.. backstage and me introducing him to the unsuspecting masses. F.U.C.K.Y.E.A.H!”

Howard Stern revealed a brutal Ozzy Osbourne secret about drug rehab on his show recently. He wrote in another recent post, “11 years ago today, on July 31, 2008 we shot the band performance part of the video for the ‘The Day That Never Comes’.

Fellow Dane Thomas Vinterberg was our director and following his brilliant concept, we found ourselves out in the hot SoCal desert sun, running through the various takes until by the late afternoon, the wind had whipped up so much that things got fuckin nutty as you can see in these snaps.. sand, dust, dirt and music all came together in a fierce cocktail of a sandstorm and total craziness. Fun fuckin day indeed!!”