Ozzy Osbourne Reveals Heartbreaking Arrest Photo


Ozzy Osbourne has posted a past mugshot of himself wearing a St. Louis Blues jersey after an arrest, and he has recreated the mugshot with a new photo to celebrate the Blues’ success in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals.

River Front Times reported:

He’d played at the St. Louis Arena just a few months before, on February 9, 1984. Presumably he picked up the hot merch from his new favorite team while he was at the Checkerdome.

It proved a felicitous wardrobe choice three months later. That night, in Memphis, according to Ultimate Classic Rock, Osbourne “was arrested at 12:30 a.m. on a misdemeanor charge of public intoxication” and was held for five hours until he sobered up. Then he was released without a court date.

Ozzy discussed “Paranoid” in a recent Kerrang interview.

In 1970, Paranoid became a Top 10 single for Black Sabbath. Did you enjoy being a pop star for a moment?

“Oh yeah! I mean, none of us set out to be pop stars or rock stars, but it was all an experience. Obviously we hoped we’d be successful, but we didn’t really want to be a regular Top Of The Pops band, we didn’t want to sell out to that point. That was never going to be our world.

When Paranoid was in the charts alongside all these awful pop songs, you’d think, ‘How the fuck has this happened?’ We could have chosen to write pop songs, but we wanted to write music with a bit of grit and a bit of substance, rather than (sings) ‘I love you, you love me…’. All we ever wanted was to write music that we liked.”