Ozzy Osbourne Threatened To Shove Foot Up Ass Of Alice In Chains Member For Awesome Reason


Alice In Chains bassist Mike Inez recently discussed leaving Ozzy Osbourne’s band for Alice In Chains on The Rich Eisen Show (transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar).

“We were mixing the double live album [1993’s ‘Live & Loud’] we did with Ozzy; we’re up in Reno, Nevada in the snow. It was a nice sunny day – snowy day.

“I say ‘Ozzy, I’ve gotta talk with you.’

“So we walked outside and I said, ‘Alice in Chains guys want me to go to Europe.’

“And then he looks me right in the eye and says, ‘If you don’t go we have to go to the hospital.’

“I said, ‘Why?’ And he said, ‘Because it’s gonna take them about a week to get my foot out of your ass!’

“He really was pushing for it. He said, ‘You really seem to get along with those guys great. They are a fantastic band.’

“We still have the great relationship with Ozzy to this day, and his family.”