Ozzy Osbourne Wife Saddened By ‘Irreplaceable’ Loss


Legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne’s wife Sharon was saddened by the loss of co-host Sara Gilbert on CBS’s The Talk, even crying in a stunning video.

“[I’m feeling] really sad but yet I’m happy for Sara, what she’s going on to do, so it’s like, I’m sad for myself not having that thing of coming in every day and working with Sara,” a clearly emotional Osbourne told ET. ” … We’re just very close. She’s probably one of my bestest friends that I’ve ever had because I’ve known her a long time but only worked with her and got close with her over the last nine years, but as I said, we live right near each other so she can’t get away from me.”

An A-list actress helping Ozzy Osbourne with his ‘sickness’ was revealed on Friday. She also shared one final heartfelt message for her close friend.

“Sara Gilbert, you’re the best — irreplaceable, the best, a comedy genius, the best friend I’ve got in my life. You’ve been a good friend to everybody here, we all adore you, and you know what, you’re going on to great things in your life, so, I’ll always be a part of your life, Ms., you’re not getting rid of me.”