KISS Hit Back After Angering Pearl Jam Fans


KISS icon Gene Simmons recently posted a new Twitter photo with Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder and film director Judd Apatow, though he claimed not to know who Apatow was, angering fans.

Simmons tweeted, “This one may not be easy…The guy in the front, you know. The guy in the back, photo bombing us, who is he?”

Simmons has now tweeted after some backlash, “Yes I know it @JuddApatow Duh.”

Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready discussed his love of KISS in a Rolling Stone article.

“I got mocked for it a lot. When you’re really young, dating girls and trying to explain Kiss, they just look at you like you’re kind of crazy. I think they got so big in the Seventies and were such a phenomenon – they did the Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park movie, the solo records – some people only know the merchandising stuff. But if you listen to the music, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were really into the Beatles and you can hear weird Beatles harmonies going on. I’ve talked to Paul a few times, which is always a trip, and he talks about how he likes Humble Pie and Steve Marriott. So they’re drawing from pretty cool influences. And there is a power pop thing to some of their stuff that’s immediately catchy.

Ace was their firecracker, their dynamite. He’s what took them over the top with the feel he put into his leads. I really gravitated towards his vibrato. My lead for ‘Alive’ is based on ‘She,’ and that’s based on ‘Five to One’ by the Doors. I remember we were in Surrey, England. I thought about it like, ‘I’m going to approach this like Ace did on She.’ And I remember the chord pattern that Stone [Gossard] wrote lent it to that kind of a descending pattern. So I kind for went with it. And then I improvised from there.”