Ozzy Osbourne Has Hilarious Reaction To Tool


Ozzy Osbourne recently gave a hilarious reaction to his son, Jack Osbourne wearing a Tool shirt.

Ozzy Osbourne reacts to Tool shirt

Jack posted a video clip of his father reacting to a clip where Jack could be seen wearing the shirt. Ozzy was stunned to see the shirt which had the Tool logo and they discussed how it resembled ‘D**k and b*lls.’

He wrote:

“My Tool shirt sparked quite the reaction from Dad. I gotta say, it’s still my favorite!
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Jack Osbourne calls out LAPD

Jack Osbourne recently called out the LAPD after the Netflix docuseries Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult noted how the police handled complaints made by women about 7M Films and its founder, Robert Shinn.

It has come to light that during an episode of The Osbournes Podcast, which sees Sharon, Ozzy, Jack and Kelly Osbourne catch up on present-day events, Jack Osbourne explained the three-part series that hit Netflix on May 29.

The docuseries investigated claims of a “cult-like” atmosphere at 7M Films which is a talent management company that works with dancers and is owned by Shinn—pastor of the Los Angeles-based Shekinah Church.

The show interviewed former church members and showed clips of 7M member Miranda Derrick. Her parents, Kelly and Dean Wilking, and her sister Melanie Ekeler were also interviewed for the series after previously going viral on TikTok.

The documentary noted that Derrick is deeply entrenched in the alleged “cult,” but the dancer has denied the reports.

During his conversation with his family, Jack Osbourne called Shinn “controlling” and “creepy.”

“You’ve got to give him happy ending massages and you have to dance or you’re not going to heaven,” Jack Osbourne claimed.

When the family discussed Shinn and Shekinah Church further, Sharon Osbourne added: “It’s just an excuse for another one of these, uh, pastors to control people and get what he wants. They’ve just added in some dancing.”

Later, Sharon Osbourne asked her son whether 7M Films and Shinn were being investigated.

“Numerous women came to the LAPD. LAPD were like ‘We need more, we need more, we need more,’ typical LAPD. And apparently there’s, there’s nothing happening so [Derrick’s] family has taken him to, like, civil suit and also his victims have filed like civil suits against him but he’s just trying to—they’re just going to drag it out, you know, he’s got church money,” he explained.