Pamela Anderson Red Swimsuit Video Revealed


Pamela Anderson has appeared in a new video in her classic red Baywatch swimsuit after some drama with Tommy Lee’s wife, as seen below. The claws are coming out, and someone is about to get scratched. Call for the paramedics. Hail an ambulance. Get some gloves! The wife of old-time rocker, Tommy Lee of Motley Crue fame is come out recently and said that Tommy Lee’s former wife, Ms. Anderson, mistook her joke. But did she really? “I was just joking!” Sure you were. Ever heard of a fraudulent slip?

According to Toronto Sun, Tommy Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan is “saddened” people “mistook” her joke about Pamela Anderson. Really? 

The now 36-year-old social media personality, who married Motley Crue drummer Tommy, now 60, on Valentine’s Day in the year of our Lord, 2019, made a gag about his ex-wife Pamela on a now-deleted TikTok post in which she seemed to suggest the Baywatch actress wouldn’t care if she died. Really?

On Monday, Brittany told Page Six about fans misinterpreting the joke: “(They) thought I was making a joke about her dying instead of myself.”

She added she was “saddened” the post was taken “the wrong way,” but said about how she can’t control everything: “What will be will be.”

Brittany also said “humour, even dark humour” has always been her way of coping with “uncomfy” situations.

Brittany posted the TikTok video amid ongoing coverage of the release of 55-year-old Pamela’s memoir Love, Pamela, which features tales of her stormy marriage to Tommy, with whom she shares two sons.