Ozzy Osbourne Unloads On Threat To Child In Video


Ozzy Osbourne caught dressing down little kids? The following Twitter account for Marie Osmond tweeted out this retro video of Osbourne doing just that, albeit in a playful and joking matter. A photo of Ozzy Osbourne laying down at home after his health scare was revealed not too long ago.

Osmond recently became a new permanent co-host host of Sharon Osbourne’s hit television panel show “The Talk” recently, which prompted the tweet being sent out. Ozzy Osbourne’s wife made this painful ‘Heart Attack’ claim recently

The video shows what looks to be the 1980s to early 1990s era Ozzy Osbourne holding two infant children for either a PSA or advertisement and jokingly giving them an earful when he thinks one of them is going to puke on him. You can view the video below. Alternative Nation has also transcribed Osbourne’s comments. Speaking of Mrs. Ozzy Osbourne, she made this deadly cancer revelation a couple of days ago.

Ozzy Osbourne: Hi, I’m Ozzy Osbourne. It’s good to be back here again. Last year we had a rather bad accident and I hope one of these doesn’t puke on me, these two. Oh my God, why, why can’t you be like the Osmond’s.