Pat Smear Reveals Dave Grohl Wrote ‘Hits’ In Nirvana


Pat Smear revealed that Dave Grohl was already writing future hit Foo Fighters songs while in Nirvana, and he got to hear them early on in 1993.

Smear told Guitar, “One day in particular we were leaving a Nirvana rehearsal, and Dave was sitting in his car playing some music that appealed to me. He told me it was some tapes he’d been making, and I remember really liking it and saying that I wanted him to play me more. That was the first I heard of it.”

Pat Smear joined Nivana in 1993, and Kurt Cobain dying ended Nirvana in April 1994. Smear later joined Foo Fighters in late 1994, with Smear telling Grohl he wanted to join.

“The second time I heard it was when we were at my house in Los Angeles and he said, ‘Oh, I made this tape’, and gave me a cassette that was essentially the first Foo Fighters album. I absolutely loved it and it made me want to play music again.”

“Dave didn’t have to ask me to join the band,” says Smear, “I asked him! After I heard the tape I went to him and asked if he was going to make a band, because I wanted in.”