Paul Maged Spreads His Wings On “Free to Fly”


Written by Joe Hughes

Without doubt, 2020 has provided some of the straight up craziest times most of us have experienced thus far into our lives. Despite the near constant stress and anxiety and overwhelming feelings of uncertainty, one things remains steady even in the most bizarre of times; good music can ease the soul.

Crashing down to save the day is singer-songwriter Paul Maged. Operating out of New York City, Paul has proven himself to be one hell of a prolific artist with a keen ear for hooks and an undeniable knack for writing catchy in your face rock songs. When you look at his impressive body of work to date, there’s no doubt wicked cuts like “Fight to the Death” and “PC Police” more than hold their own when stacked against the alternative rock kings of our day. Some people are great basketball. Others, great dancers. Paul Maged folks, he is a great songwriter.

As if the above mentioned cuts aren’t proof enough, Paul Maged is back with his latest single, “Free to Fly.” On “Free to Fly”, Paul replaces crunching guitars and thunderous drums with a beautiful, mellow piano line and some truly glorious vocal melodies. Released on May 6th, “Free to Fly” doubles down on Maged’s intense, passionate songwriting while allowing him to spread his wings creatively and branch into previously uncharted sonic territory. It’s almost scary the ease in which Maged can change sonic stations and not only succeed, but actually break down an entire new avenue that leaves you dying for more songs from him in this vain.

The great melodies notwithstanding, the meat of this song is in its exceptional lyrics and the uplifting picture they paint. Paul Maged shows exactly how powerful music can be and the positive impact it can provide to even the strangest of times. “Free to Fly” has come into our a lives when we could all desperately use a little optimism.

Paul Maged continues to be a unique voice that demands the attention of music fans. Now more than ever, Maged has shown just how fearless he is and how far he can go creatively while still nailing on all the unique traits that define him as an artist. As if the “Free to Fly” isn’t enough, make sure to check out the fantastic animated video for it on his Youtube page! Enjoy!