Jason Newsted Defended By Rock Icon After Metallica Drama


After <a href=”https://www.alternativenation.net/metallica-screwing-jason-newsted-finally-called/”>Jason Newsted was brutally screwed with the recording process of the Metallica classic ‘…And Justice For All’ and recently defended by a big name online, he has received a nice call out from a pop punk rock icon. Sum 41 bassist Jason ‘Cone’ McCaslin said that the Newsted co-written “Blackened” is his favorite Metallica song.

He told Radioactive Mike, “Probably ‘Blackened’ because ‘…And Justice for All’ is, like, the first record I got. Whenever I hear that I just think of being 10-11 years old.”

He also said about Metallica, “I grew up in Ajax, Ontario, I lived next door to this [guy], he used to be my best friend, so he always showed me stuff because I was so young. So I remember going, like, this crazy ghetto blaster, I think it was a tape, it might’ve been a CD, but I think it was a cassette tape, ‘…And Justice for All.’

So he put it on, like, ‘You got to listen to this band.’ I was probably 10 or 11, or something like that. I remember just hearing the speakers rumble. Obviously, everyone knows, there’s no bass guitar, guitars are super bassy, so I was thinking, listening to ‘One’ – that was the first song, the speakers are just vibrating and rumbling and I was, like, ‘What the hell is this?’.

The next day, I went out, told my parents, ‘I need, ‘…And Justice for All.” And then I got the ‘Black Album’ and it just snowballed from there. And then I got into other metal stuff as well, digging into Megadeth, and then the Medley came up. We did this medley on ‘MTV Icon’ show, this was in 2004, we brought up Metallica and they were, like, ‘Yes, we want Metallica,’ so let’s just bring that back.”

A big name singer recently couldn’t identify Jason Newsted in a Metallica photo. He also said Nirvana was his favorite Grunge band, “My favorite would probably be Nirvana. Nirvana, that’s why I got into music, really, as soon as I heard ‘Nevermind,’ I had to go to the store and get a bass. So I’d have to pick them. But then I think, you know, Soundgarden would kind of be next in line.

I think Nirvana because that’s why I got into music, and then kind of, like, the Flannel thing, I remember being in high school in ’94, and I just remember everyone dressing in flannel and growing long hair. Like, I’ve long blond hair, it was just ridiculous, even if you had brown hair, you’d still try to look like Kurt Cobain.”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.