Paul McCartney Allegedly Slept With Surprising Number Of Women


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney was profiled in Christopher Sanford’s book ‘McCartney.’ The book documents how McCartney was a real ladies man before getting married, Pravda Report reports.

The number of his female fans went up sharply after the Beatles took shape in the late ‘50s. McCartney took advantage of the situation. He was especially popular with girls in Hamburg where the group went to play in clubs. According to Sanford’s calculations, during the next ten years Paul had sex with 500-600 women.

The article later stated:

McCartney continued his amorous exploits after coming back to Liverpool. His father would drop by The Cavern, a club where the Beatles played frequently, and he would say: “The birds are beginning to flock”, a reference to numerous young girls hanging around the stage. Then one day Paul fell in love with a young actress. Her name was Jane Asher, she was upper middle class, lived with her parents in a big house in central London. McCartney lived with Jane in that house for three years. He penned I Want to Hold Your Hand, one of his best songs in a basement of the house.

Despite his lengthy relationship with Asher, McCartney never stopped having fun with female fans while on tour. The Beatles’s tour manager Maul Evans said that scores of young women were trying to get inside Paul’s hotel room on the U.S. tour. Some of them eventually succeeded.

McCartney is currently on his ‘Freshen Up’ tour, and he played at Arlington’s Globe Life Park on Friday night. Star-Telegram wrote in a review:

McCartney has a history of playing in baseball parks, and the acoustics of his songs seemed to be spot on during the show.

His band was razor-sharp, especially the three-man horn section.

The concert wasn’t big on special effects — other than a highly-detailed light setting for the stage at all times — until McCartney blared into a rendition of “Live and Let Die” that included lasers and pyrotechnics.

McCartney played his legendary version of “Birthday” to kick off a six-song encore that also included “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise),” “Helter Skelter,” “Golden Slumbers,” “Carry That Weight” and “The End.”