Paul McCartney Bizarrely Photographed Running Away From Goat


Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell were a band on the run on Friday, from a goat!

The Beatles icon is on vacation with his family in St. Barts in the Caribbean, and they decided to skip the beach and go hiking in the mountains. At one point they encountered a goat, and they were seen running away from it after they saw it, The Daily Mail reports.

Below are photos of McCartney as he escaped the goat, and you can click here to see a photo of the goat itself.

McCartney discussed John Lennon’s greatest fear in a new 60 Minutes interview.

“I remember John was a bit insecure,” McCartney said before emotionally sharing an anecdote.

“And I remember him once particularly, strangely out-of-the-blue saying, ‘I’m worried about how people are going to remember me.’”

McCartney recalls trying to console him by saying, “‘John, listen to me, look at me. You’re going to be remembered as one of the greatest people.’ I’m getting choked up. I said… “‘Cause you are, you’re fantastic.’”

McCartney said that Lennon only ever complimented one of the songs he wrote ―“Here, There and Everywhere.”

“John says, just when it finishes, ‘That’s a really good song, lad. I love that song.’ I was like, ‘Yes, he likes it.’ You know, and I― I’ve remembered it to this day. It’s pathetic, really.”