Paul McCartney Brutally Unloads On Famous Bandmate: ‘You’ll Pay’


The Beatles bandmates Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr having a heated run in at McCartney’s home in the past was detailed in a new Cheat Sheet article.

In Anthology (via Beatles Bible), the old bandmates described what happened next — and it wasn’t pretty. “Ringo came to see me,” Paul said. “He was sent, I believe – being mild mannered, the nice guy – by the others, because of the dispute. I must say I gave him a bit of verbal.”

After Ringo tried to reason with him and explain the decision from a business standpoint, Paul’s frustrations of the preceding months boiled over. He recalled it as “the only time I ever told anyone to GET OUT! It was fairly hostile.”

If you want to describe the exchange as “shooting the messenger,” Ringo wouldn’t argue. In Anthology, he described Paul as “completely out of control” and “shouting at me” that day. He told Ringo, “I’ll finish you now,” added a threat of “You’ll pay!” before telling him to get out. (Ringo left.)

Needless to say, Ringo didn’t see anything of the sort coming. After the band broke up and he made some recordings on his own, Ringo took the opportunity to respond to Paul in song.

Paul McCartney recently released a new newsletter:

After a short break, the band is back on the run for the first Freshen Up dates of 2019! Playing to sold-out shows in Santiago, Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Curitiba. Let us know if you were at any of the dates using the hashtag #FreshenUpTour on your social media platform of choice. You may have been lucky enough to catch Paul’s recent Instagram Stories giving a taste of the atmosphere on tour.

On the subject of touring, due to overwhelming demand, Paul announced a second #FreshenUpTour date in Las Vegas later this year too!