Paul McCartney Kissed By Two Stunning Women In New Photo


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney recently shared a photo of his beautiful daughters Mary and Stella adorably kissing him.

“To all the women in my life. Happy International Women’s Day! You go, girls! #PaulMcCartney #MaryMcCartney #StellaMcCartney #internationalwomensday.”

The Cheat Sheet have up a new album on John Lennon mocking Paul McCartney’s early solo material.

“I think he’ll make a better one, when he’s frightened into it,” John continued. “But I thought that first one was just a lot of … remember what I told you when it came out? Light and easy.” In Fab, Sounes’s McCartney biography, he quoted John calling it “Engelbert Humperdinck music.” (Ouch.)

After McCartney, Paul released Ram with his wife Linda contributing. Critics weren’t impressed much by that album, either, but the harshest response came (again) from John Lennon.

John was provoked by “Too Many People,” a song which had references to John’s activism and his relationship with Yoko. Naturally, that would require an answer, and John had it for Paul on “How Do You Sleep?” That track remains among the most epic takedown songs in rock history.

Ringo also got into the act. In 1972, he released “Back Off Boogaloo,” a single that had its own message for Paul. “Wake up, meathead. Don’t pretend that you are dead,” Ringo sang, referencing the “Paul is dead” conspiracy theory. He also said Paul’s work “sure sounds wasted.”