Paul McCartney Massive Paycheck From Wife Revealed


Today is The Beatles icon Paul McCartney’s 78th birthday, and Cheat Sheet have an article on how Paul’s late wife Linda surprisingly left him a lot of money when she died.

When Linda passed away in 1998, she left Paul a fortune estimated near $200 million. (She owned one business valued on its won at around $90 million in today’s dollars.) He received that mostly tax-free due to her savvy estate planning.

In the following decades, Paul began hauling in stunning amounts on his annual tours. Between 2010-16, Forbes estimated he grossed $350 million from touring. That included a $56.5 million year in 2015. And he’s still going — at times pacing all musicians — in 2019.

If you add it up, Paul parlayed his career in the world’s biggest band into a hugely successful solo career and music-publishing business. When touring became the moneymaker it is, he ramped up his efforts in that department. And Linda’s inheritance pushed him over the top.

Paul McCartney posted to celebrate his birthday, “It’s my birthday too, yeah #PaulMcCartney.”

Dallas Observer wrote in a recent concert review:

The cultural significance of a star of “Macca”’s magnitude makes the term “icon” fit him no better than a shrunken sweater already two sizes too small. He’s outgrown it and easily moved up in status to that of a historical figure.

The first bit of proof of McCartney’s immortal legacy (other than the fact that not a decade goes by without a major Beatles movie) is the fact that the guy doesn’t sweat. While the potent stage lights made his band squint through the torrential perspiration running down their foreheads, Sir Paul’s face barely glistened.