Howard Stern Makes Embarrassing Aerosmith Revelation


Howard Stern recently wore a designer Aerosmith shirt on his show, and his body was oddly ‘jiggling’ in it. Steven Tyler and Aerosmith resume their ‘Deuces Are Wild’ residency in Las Vegas this week. recapped: Howard said he wanted to play this phony phone call this morning but he has to take a break first. Fred said he has to. Howard said it’s a big deal so he has to take a break so they can talk about it.

Howard said he can’t believe Richard grew so fast. Robin said that it was already moving when Benjy walked into the room. Robin said Richard has a belly even though he runs. Howard said he drinks so much beer that he should have a belly. He said he has gotten heavier. Robin said he hasn’t gotten any new shirts so you see that.

Howard said he had his new Aerosmith shirt on from John Varvatos. He said it was a rather form fitting and it was kind of jiggling. He said he has another rock shirt on today. He said it’s very Ronnie because it has skulls on it. He said it says ”Freedom” on it and it has skulls. Robin asked what freedom has to do with skulls. Howard said he doesn’t know. He said there’s nothing free about him.

Robin said she can’t wait for people who bought the book thinking Howard has changed to hear the Benjy segment. Howard said he has grown. He said the show is still fucked up except for when he interviews people. He said people tune in this morning and hear Benjy jerking guys off. He said it’s so funny. Howard said he has to catch up on the commercials and get to the new phony phone call. He said there’s a lot going on in that call.

Howard took a call from a guy who said he did awesome with that Anderson Cooper interview. He said it was great to listen to. He said he caught it yesterday. Howard said they asked if they could play it there on their show. Howard said they may do that with the Conan podcast too.

The caller asked if he can win a copy of the book. Howard said he doesn’t have another contest. He said he has to get Benjy to come in there and jerk another guy off. Howard said he’ll just send the guy a copy. Howard asked what he wants it to say. The caller said he wants it to say ”To Bobby, my biggest fan from Canada.” Howard said that’s it for books so don’t call in asking for one. Howard put him on hold.