Paul McCartney Reveals What Eric Clapton Did To His Wife


Paul McCartney, the legendary vocalist of The Beatles fame recently made quite the shocking revelation! Howard Stern made this Paul McCartney ‘size’ Revelation not too long ago. The man they call Macca, revealed in a new interview what shocking thing iconic Cream member Eric Clapton did to his McCartney’s now-deceased wife, Linda according to the Paul McCartney fansite Paul McCartney was revealed to be ‘Falling Over’ On this drug.

This shocking news? That Linda used to take pictures of Clapton back when she was a budding photographer! Linda McCartney’s work was used on the cover of magazines such as Rolling Stone and her portraits of A-list artists such as The Beatles, Eric Clapton, and others became something of a signature.

Recently, McCartney announced that he donated a limited edition set of photos that were snapped by his wife to a museum in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Fiona Hayes, curator of social history with Glasgow Museums, was very overjoyed with the donation, is quoted as saying: “Linda McCartney was a talented photographer who showed a real flair for capturing popular culture in the 1960s and the huge changes in attitude, dress, and lifestyle that followed. She was at the very heart of these changes and her easy, creative, artistic style of photography perfectly reflected this time.”

Whereas the Chair of Glasgow Life and Deputy Leader of Glasgow City Council, Councillor David McDonald, said: “The Linda McCartney Retrospective at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum has been very warmly received. We were delighted to be the first venue in the UK to show this exhibition and our greatest thanks go to Sir Paul McCartney for his incredibly generous gift. This wonderful addition to our collection ensures visitors to Glasgow Museums can continue to engage with and enjoy Linda McCartney’s stunning work for generations to come.”

If you are interested in seeing the exhibit you have a bit of time. The Linda McCartney Retrospective, which is curated by Paul, Stella and Mary McCartney runs until January 12th, 2020. Paul McCartney’s smoking being censored in a photo was revealed a couple of days ago.