Steven Tyler Creepy Dressing Room Photo With Actor Revealed


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler looks bored and disinterested in this newly released photo! Although we definitely believe that isn’t the case whatsoever. Aerosmith were recently joined onstage by Johnny Depp for a performance. This particular photo, which was snapped the same day as a Aerosmith Las Vegas Deuces Are Wild residency show has Tyler posing side by side, rolling his eyes at the ever so creepy yet brilliant A-List director (and occasional actor) Tim Burton. You can view the photo along with what Tyler had to say about the photo opportunity below. Lenny Kravitz recently made a horrible Steven Tyler revelation.

In other news regarding Aerosmith and Steven Tyler, fans of the group took to social media via Reddit went to the band’s subreddit to discuss their favorite Aerosmith album.

 Reddit user GroundhogDay76 said the following. 
“I consider them to have 4 eras to their career. The first 4 albums are pure classic rock gold! I gotta go with Toys, but I wouldn’t argue if some one likes one of the others better. Then next 4 albums (Draw The Line through Done With Mirrors) are when the drugs took over and the turmoil and in-fighting began to show, they break up and get back together. There are still some amazing highlights through these albums, they just weren’t as deep. I’d go with Draw The Line among these. The next 2 albums were them sliding right along with the music of the era and showing these young guns how it’s done. I’ll take Pump over PV. They added a little pop to their singles with Get a Grip to maintain relevance where all those other bands of the 80s tailed off. The singles were a little pop-y but they maintain rock throughout most of the rest of the album. They mostly maintained that format ever since. I’d take Nine Lives from this area. That’s the way I sort of see their albums.”

Steviewigs replied: “Rocks, hands down. My most listened to album. Then Pump. Then it all comes down to how I feel when I want to listen to the others. Those rankings change moment to moment.”

ReallyFool chimed in with: “For me, these 3 are very close, but this is the order i prefer: Get Your Wings, Toys in the Attic, Rocks. I also like Rock in a Hard Place even though that was during the Perry and Whitford hiatus.” Steven Tyler recently partied shirtless with these women in this photo.