Paul McCartney Reveals If Ringo Starr Was Useless


Paul McCartney recently revealed that he and John Lennon were the biggest workaholics in The Beatles, bringing completed demos to Ringo Starr and George Harrison. While Starr and Harrison were useless during Lennon and McCartney’s demoing process, they did join in on studio recording. A horrible Paul McCartney The Beatles paycheck was revealed yesterday.

McCartney and John Lennon wrote an entire album’s worth of songs in their “week off” as part of their ‘relentless’ schedule.

McCartney said on BBC Radio, “We’d be given a week off and we’d go ‘Wow. Great. A week off, we’ll do the whole album.’ You know, a song a day… virtually. “We’d just sit there with our guitars, me and John, and George and Ringo would have never heard the song previously – there [were] no sort of demos. George Martin, our producer, would have never heard it. So it was only me and John knew this song. And we had an hour and a half to finish it, which you know, those were the conditions.”

McCartney recently reacted to a Beatles lyric that received backlash due to pedophile connotations. McCartney said he and Lennon accepted the time constraints they had to work under. “You accepted [it]. We didn’t go ‘What, an hour and a half cuts? Not long enough!’ We just went, ‘Yeah, OK’.

“Looking back on it, it’s like, wow!”

McCartney is doing a lot of press to promote his new ‘Hey Grandude!” children’s book, just after finishing his ‘Freshen Up’ tour. McCartney released a new album last year, and there are no signs he is slowing down in his career as he prepares to enter his 80’s in a few years. Paul McCartney was nearly killed by a famous actor.