Paul McCartney Reveals Why John Lennon Was ‘Troubled’


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney has posted on his website about seeing a ‘crisis’ John Lennon went through:

We think music, more than any other art form, has the power to have an immediate emotional affect and has been referred to as’food for the soul’. We’ve all got those songs that make you want to cry, or an album you can’t help but dance to. Here at we can’t help but smile when we hear ‘Queenie Eye’, or throw some serious shapes when ‘Dance Tonight’ comes on the office speakers!

There is even scientific evidence to prove that music releases the mood-enhancing chemical dopamine in the brain. So we were interested to hear Paul’s response to Lucy from America’s question: ‘Do you have a song that you put on if you’re ever having a hard time or a bad day, and it instantly makes you feel better?’ Paul tells us below…

Paul: There’s a track on Egypt Station that came out of a hard time I think would fit the bill now! Alternatively, it would be old music like ‘All Shook Up’ or ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ by Elvis Presley. Or ‘What’d I Say’ by Ray Charles.

The track from Egypt Station: it’s funny what inspires you to write songs. For instance, John started writing ‘Help!’during a crisis at that time in his life, which is often a good motivator ‘cause there’s a therapy aspect to writing songs sometimes – but not all songs! It’s almost as if you’re telling your guitar your troubles and a lot of composure can be found through that. So you sort of say what you might say to a therapist, but you put it into a song and you might feel better afterwards. You don’t have to be going through terrible times, just something that’s frustrating. So there’s a couple of songs like that on Egypt Station funnily enough!