Paul Stanley Caught Using Fake Singing In KISS


Longtime Kiss manager Doc McGhee recently commented on last year’s accusations of Paul Stanley lip-syncing to backing tracks, claiming that the frontman really “fully sings” but that additional tracks are also present to “enhance” the band’s live sound.

Doc McGhee opens up on the matter

Speaking to “Syncin’ Stanley“, a channel dedicated to the discussion surrounding the practice, McGhee said of the Kiss frontman (transcription via Blabbermouth):

“He sings every track. So he sings to it. So he’s not lip-syncing. He fully sings. It’s enhanced. It’s just part of the process to make sure that everybody hears the songs the way they should be sang to begin with. Nobody wants to hear people do stuff that’s not real, that’s not what they came to hear.”

Asked whether there are also backing tracks present in addition to Stanley’s vocals, McGhee said:

“He’ll sing to tracks. It’s all part of a process. Because everybody wants to hear everybody sing. But he fully sings to every song.”

Kiss’ farewell “End of the Road” tour has been surrounded by speculation about whether Paul Stanley was really singing or simply miming to track ever since the tour launched back in 2019. Last June, a mistake by the drummer Eric Singer during a show in Antwerp, Belgium led some to believe that this was indeed the case.