Robert Plant Reveals Why He Hates “Stairway To Heaven”


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant revealed why he hates playing “Stairway to Heaven” live despite liking the song in a recent interview with Dan Rather. Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks. Robert Plant recently revealed an injection he was given by a doctor.

“It’s not about it being my favorite or not, it’s nothing to do with that really, it’s just that it belongs to a particular time. If I had been involved in the instrumentation I would feel it’s a magnificent piece of music, that has its own character and personality. It even speeds up in a similar way to more highbrow music.

But my contribution was to write lyrics and to sing the song about fate and something very British, almost abstract. But it was coming out of the mind of a 23 year old guy, and it landed in the years and the era of 23 year old guys. I think as time goes by, you might find another period of your life with more substance that is more relative later on down the line. So as much as I like it, I’m not wedded to that whole deal man.” Robert Plant recently made a surprising claim about his own death.

Plant does play several Led Zeppelin songs live at his concerts with the Sensation Shape Shifters, but fans are usually left wanting to hear “Stairway to Heaven” even after a stellar performance by the iconic rock and roll singer. Jimmy Page recently revealed who ruined the Led Zeppelin reunion.