Paul Stanley Reveals If Dave Grohl Is Retiring


KISS icon Paul Stanley appears to disagree with bandmate Gene Simmons, and thinks Dave Grohl is carrying the torch for rock and roll, and on his birthday a couple of days ago, he told him to never retire.

Stanley tweeted, “Happy Birthday To The One And Only DAVE GROHL!! NEVER stop ROCKIN’! @foofighters.”

Syncin $tanley tweeted Paul, “Can’t sing your own Kiss songs and your gonna tackle Motown? This will be comedic gold.”

Stanley responded, “Normally I Don’t Single Out Losers But YOU who are afraid to show your face or name clearly have no friends, no girlfriend & nothing better to do than post stupid replies daily. Does mom know? What have you done or accomplished other than successfully being an idiot? Now fuck off.”

Paul was crushed by a recent tragic death in the rock world. He tweeted, “RIP TIM BOGERT. I first saw Vanilla Fudge on a bill with the Yardbirds with Jimmy Page. Spectacular. I’d never heard 4 people play & sing as one. Tim was mind boggling on all fronts. Also when I saw Beck, Bogert&Appice. A powerhouse.”

He said as well, “I remember having dinner with Richard Harris. I was thrilled as I always thought him one of the greats of stage & screen who lived life to the fullest. He was nonstop stories & both humble & charismatic in a way that kept me feeling so fortunate to be in the presence of greatness.”