Paul Stanley Tested For COVID At KISS Performance


Paul Stanley has confirmed that KISS and their crew are tested daily for COVID-19 before their rehearsal performances.

Stanley said, “REHEARSALS CONTINUE TODAY for KISS 2020 Goodbye New Years Eve Show and I take my new IBANEZ PS model for a test drive. We are COVID TESTED DAILY as are the only 3 crew members allowed in. The room and all equipment is sanitized each day.”

Paul was critical of fans who disagree with him this week as well, as Stanley frequently discussed his liberal political views and dislike of President Trump. Stanley said, “Always room here for spirited differences of opinions and that’s what they should stay.

Strange that anyone would question my entitlement to voicing my views and opinions by saying ‘Stick to being a musician’ when I’ve yet to say to any of them ‘Stick to being an idiot.'”

He wrote the day before, “Okay… Lots of raw nerves and anger on one side and relief on the other. The election is over and the results by law will stand with no proof of widespread tampering validated and no court interceding. How do we bring the country together and move forward? Your opinions please.”

“We Should All Remember… History shows times of turmoil will pass but how we as individuals participate in determining and influencing the outcome will stay connected to each of us forever.”