Gene Simmons Disrespects Chris Cornell Bandmate


KISS icon Gene Simmons has been tweeting several news articles recently that are critical of President Donald Trump and the Republican party, and compliment Joe Biden and Democrats, including a headline that says: “Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Recognizes Pres Elect Joe Biden.’

This led to a fan named John responding, “Just play music.”

Chris Cornell’s former guitarist Peter Thorn shot back at John, “For a guy telling others to stay outta politics, you sure post LOTS of politics on Twitter. It’s all you do on Twitter actually. So perhaps you should STFU.”

Simmons then blocked Peter Thorn, tweeting, “Peter. It was a delight having you check out my Twitter account. You’re blocked. Have a nice day.”

Gene was clearly confused and misunderstood Thorn’s tweet, which was directed at a fan named John who was criticizing Simmons, so Thorn was actually defending Simmons.

A fan named Christopher pointed out, “Actually, after re-reading Peter’s tweet, I don’t think he was criticizing you Gene but actually agreeing with you. I highly suspect his tweet was directed at the John Aiello dude.”

Jason added, “Pretty sure (but not 100%) that Peter’s comment was geared to that John Aiello dude but eh what do I know? Have a great day Gene!”

MGN then said, “Gene I don’t think Peter was referring to you, rather the other guy. And if you unblock him, please check him out. One of the greatest guitarists out there. Trust me, he’s Canadian, a nice guy!”

Thorn later clarified, “Lol ugh once again, I was defending Gene, and telling the troll that was hassling him and telling him to ‘just play music’ to STFU. Have a nice day- The Management.”