Pearl Jam 2019 ‘Worldwide’ Tour Plans Revealed?


Yamaha Drums have made a new Instagram post about Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron using his kit ‘on stages worldwide in 2019.’ Cameron liked the post.

Yamaha Drums posted, “Today’s Sunday Special Set features a close look at legendary @pearljam and @soundgarden drummer @themattcameron ‘s Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple Kit. All shells are finished in Matte Black and have a Custom “MC” logo badge.

With @pearljam Matt plays 24’x14′ bass drum, 12′ and 13′ toms + 16′ and 18′ floor toms and all Yamaha hardware. Pics were taken before Matt hit the stage with Pearl Jam at this year’s @madcoolfestival, where the band excited the 80.000 fans attending the festival. We look forward to seeing more of Matt with his kit on stages worldwide in 2019! #yamahadrums #mattcameron #yamaha #drums #drummer #pearljam #soundgarden.”

Pearl Jam have been working on a new album for around two years, but so far last spring’s “Can’t Deny Me” is the only song that has been released. The band are expected to release a new album this year, but they currently don’t have any scheduled tour dates, with Eddie Vedder only having one performance scheduled at the Innings Festival in Tempe, Arizona in March with Incubus. Pearl Jam’s last album was 2013’s Lightning Bolt.