Robert Plant Stunning Led Zeppelin Reunion Demand Leaks


Robert Plant and Jimmy Page held a mini Led Zeppelin reunion reunion in the 90’s, and they recorded Walking into Clarksdale in 1998 with producer Steve Albini. Albini discussed Plant’s ‘outlandish’ demand in a new Porcupine documentary. Alternative Nation transcribed Albini’s comments.

Albini: It was a pleasant working relationship, you know, Page and Plant are terrific musicians and they would have these outlandish ideas on the spur of the moment but they had the resources to do them. So like, on Wednesday Robert would say to Jimmy:

“It would be nice if there was an orchestra here in this part of the song”

Albini: Then twelve hours later there is an arranger who’s written a complete score for this orchestra addition to this song. Jimmy Page and the arranger are going over and listen to the demo that he’s done. The day after that – Nigel Kennedy and twenty-four chairs from the London Symphony Orchestra are there at Abbey Road ready to record Our Capitol thing.

Jimmy Page recently revealed how a member of Aerosmith first played Red Hot Chili Peppers for him on a tour bus, and what he really thought about them the first time he heard them a few days ago on his social media account.