Pearl Jam Amount Of Money Earned Touring Revealed


It has come to light on Reddit that Pearl Jam are ranked 65th highest-grossing touring artist. They have sold 7,006,815 tickets and grossed $351,816,504 via this link. The Stones are the top grossing artist, while U2 have the largest number of ticket sales.

One of the Reddit user wrote:

“Ah, I see they say it started in 1980 and this was published in 2022. I would think with Taylor Swifts current tour selling out multiple nights in cities playing football stadiums she would be way higher now.”

Another said:

“With 23 tours under their belt, I am surprised at the rank of 65 for tickets sold. 7 million is a huge figure but thought it would be even higher with their touring history. Dave Matthews has more than 3.25 times tickets sold at 23 million?? I’d like a recount please.”

Meanwhile, another fan chimed in:

“I think it’s probably because the Dave Matthews Band tours a hell of a lot more than Pearl Jam does. I don’t follow the Dave Matthews Band at all, but I think they go on tour just about every summer. Pearl Jam on the other hand only seem to tour every two to three years. I live in South Florida and the only times that Pearl Jam have made it down here since I’ve been seeing them were in 94, 96, 98, 00, 03, 08 and the last time was in 2016.”

One fan said:

“I work with data so i immediately want to know if they’ve accounted for number of tickets available vs. number sold, length of touring time, number of shows–stuff like that.

If you sell 1000 tickets for one show and another artist sells 1000 tickets for ten shows, that is a variable to assess.

But still cool–I don’t think the Stones surprises me.”