Pearl Jam Announce Special End Of 2022 Release


That’s right! The band that you 1990’s kids, who are now in your forties, listened and head banged to until your necks needed spinal fusion are back at it again with a special release. This time it’s for their ‘Ten’ show which was recorded live and in living color (not the old 1980’s-1990’s TV series) from Philadelphia. But was it recorded at the Spectrum – where Rocky Balboa fought the seemingly invincible Apollo Creed. That was Hollywood. This is reality, and as it does so many times, life imitates life. Well, all you Pearl Jam fans’ lives are about to change because you haven’t seen anything quite like this one.

You’ll see mic swinging and more in Pearl Jam’s “Ten” show, recorded live from Philadelphia. But where can we watch this fans of Mr. Robert Hadley ask. The answer, the show is now available for free for all @primevideo subscribers now through Jan. 2. Go now:

How about that. A free concert that you can hear properly and enjoy from the comfort of your own home or apartment – or wherever. Pearl Jam are apparently BACK with a new streaming live release!