Pearl Jam Awful 2019 Tour Bombshell Revealed


Fans on the Pearl Jam Ten Club boards are reporting that Pearl Jam will not tour at all in 2019, much like 2017. There were hints though at a new album and tour though in 2020.

verceman posted:

I have been told via someone who would definitely know, that that the band has been in Seattle, in the studio, and actively recording very recently.

LeafsJaysCubsRaptorsFan said:

No PJ this year. Sounds like planning may have started for next year.

dimitrispearljam posted:

i have nothing else to add.

pjruss posted:

Guess it’s time to officially change the name of the thread to 2020 rumors….

dimitrispearljam posted:

oh,,and have some hints for that year..

hihobibo has posted on the Ten Club forums that Live Nation General Manager David Harb said there were ‘rumblings’ of a Pearl Jam tour on a Tampa Bay radio show a couple of weeks ago:

On the Mike Calta Show this morning (in Tampa), David Harb of Live Nation was on, and when asked specifically about Pearl Jam touring, he said “there are some rumblings, but nothing this year in Florida”. When Calta followed up about traveling, Harb did not deny that as an option, but also did not say there was anything to travel to.

My take: Sounds like there may be discussions with promoters going on somewhere in North America for the tail end of the year or 2020.