Pearl Jam ‘Concerned’ About Comeback Tour?


Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament expressed skepticism that all Americans would get vaccinated, and said that could complicate Pearl Jam’s plans for touring. Ament made the remarks on a Pearl Jam Radio special on SiriusXM about Temple of the Dog.

EGAG posted on the Ten Club board, “It was all retrospective about the ToTD album/tour… at one point Rob tried to get Jeff to say something and he quickly remarked how not everybody was going to get vaccinated (people around the country not the band) and sounded skeptical but as he said ‘hopeful’ looking forward to shows. Nobody commented on whether they’d go through with Ohana or Sea Hear Now…”

Pearl Jam wrote a few days ago, “Today at 6pm ET, the Faithfull Forum returns to SiriusXM’s Pearl Jam Radio, and Stone and Jeff will be calling in!

Call 1-855-9-PEARLJAM to celebrate Temple of the Dog’s 30th anniversary and join the live conversation.

Tune in to the Faithfull Forum’s encore at the times below (ET):

– Sat 4/17 @ 10am
– Sun 4/18 @ 8pm
– Mon 4/19 @ 12pm.”

Pearl Jam last performed live in September 2018 at Fenway Park in Boston on The Home and Away Shows.