Paul Stanley Looks Like ‘Clown’ In Brutal KISS Photo


In what can be described as Kiss frontman Paul Stanley‘s crowning moment, the Kiss singer was seen ‘clowning around’ during a stop in Toyko by holding this massive crown. The crown is actually a piece from a jewelry store over in Japan. Paul Stanley had this to say about this crowning achievement. Paul Stanley reactly reacted to bold LGBTQ icon Kiss offer.

“TOKYO! Clowning around at my friend Masaki’s jewelry store Justin Davis. GREAT to be back in Japan!”

Speaking of clownish Kiss albums, fans recently took to social media to reflect one of the group’s heaviest hits from the rock and roll big top – their landmark 1998 album Psycho Circus.

One fan had this to say: “I am reviewing the 2014 vinyl release. Would have been better on a double-disc, that being said…it sounds damn good for all this music on one vinyl slab! This was a “Must-have” being in “theory only”. It is the Reunion album! Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss & Paul Stanley! In make-up and full-blown KISS! I love all of the songs on the album. It was well thought of before releasing to the masses, who have mixed reviews on it. Look, there are previous and post KISS albums that are dreadful! This is not one! I especially love the title track and on vinyl, it has a bit more punch! There’s a lot to be said for analog recordings. Even if it was digitally touched during the process, the final process is a remastered, analog mix to vinyl. I loved the CD but hear more effects on the LP! The unity with a twist of ironic bitterness of “You Wanted The Best…” is phenomenal for long-time KISS fans like me! Hearing all four members take lead vocals as a discussion and sometimes, an argument! Priceless!

This KISS icon admits to ‘fake’ singing, is it Paul Stanley? The fan continued by saying: “The Simmons ballad, “We Are One”, should have been a #1 hit! It’s just a feel-good song that will have you singing along during the initial play! I can’t express how getting the 2014 vinyl pressing is a must, with its 3D cover and special inner sleeve! If you can’t due to no more turntable, get the CD until you do!”