Pearl Jam Family Confirm Death After Cancer Battle


Pearl Jam’s longtime tour manager Tom Husman, Jr. has tragically passed away after a battle with cancer, and a GoFundMe has been launched.

The GoFundMe states, “Ana Maria met Tom Husman, Jr. in Columbia, South America a few years ago while Tom was on tour with Pearl Jam. Their connection was immediate and intense, and they quickly fell in love as Tom continued to tour and travel for his job. After Tom’s cancer diagnosis in 2018, Ana Maria stood by his side and was extremely supportive and loving throughout his numerous treatments and surgeries.

Ana Maria was able to make many visits to the U.S. during this time, and in January 2020 Tom and Ana Maria married just outside of Nashville where he was living at the time. Unfortunately, Ana Maria had to return Columbia shortly after their marriage, and she was not able to make it back to the U.S. to be by Tom’s side during his last few months of his cancer fight.

Tom passed away on August 2, 2020, and Ana Maria was only able to be there through FaceTime and text messages, while still in Columbia. Tom loved his wife very much and wanted her to thrive in America. They were in the immigration process, but unfortunately with the Covid 19 pandemic and the current immigration policies, it was delayed. Tom would still want her to have her best life.

This GoFundMe account has been set up in Ana Maria Husman’s name to help her continue with the immigration process and assist her move to the U.S. to live and establish a life here for her and her son Sammy.”