Pearl Jam & Guns N’ Roses Supergroup Release New Song “All Things Fade Away”


Pearl Jam, Guns N’ Roses, Screaming Trees, and Mad Season supergroup Levee Walkers have released a new song titled “All Things Fade Away” featuring Ayron Jones on lead vocals. Mike McCready, Duff McKagan, and Barrett Martin are the core of the band.

Barrett Martin appeared on KISW in spring 2016 to discuss the singers Levee Walkers have worked with.

“We just thought, let’s write some songs, and we’ll see who might want to sing on it, so we started sending them out to people. I think we had 15 or 16 basic ideas, and everybody picked different songs, nobody picked the same songs.

We also wanted to do it with people around the world, maybe this is a bit of a political statement, but we wanted to say that rock and roll is universal. It’s not just limited to the English language, and it’s not just limited to the United States and Europe, because the three of us have spent a lot of time in South America, and rock and roll is huge down there.”

He added, “We wanted to work with some people that sang in Spanish, and in Portuguese from Brazil. Right now we’ve got six different singers that are working on songs that are going to be coming out.”

He mentioned Ayron Jones (who appears on the new song), Raquel Sofia, Nando Reis, and Danko Jones. The band released “Freedom Song” and “Tears for the West” in spring 2016 with Killing Joke’s Jaz Coleman on vocals.

Listen below via Rolling Stone.