Pearl Jam Icon Calls Hall of Fame ‘BS Institution’


Former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese has ripped the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet again 4 years after he was snubbed.

“The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a bullshit institution. There. Now you know my official position.


A fan commented, “You should be in there.”

Dave responded, “I would still feel the same, even if I was.”

Stevie Salas commented, “I heard from the inside that it was indeed the bands choice and they could have did the right thing adding you and it’s not the HOF. Someone in that band can’t forgive and move on I guess. That sucks. Friends or not you earned the right and they should have respected that for history’s sake. I’m so sorry.”

David Lindsay added, “Beyond just that it was the backhanded complement in the EV speech. Overplaying Krusen’s role, and listing every name that subbed drums for 5 mins and throwing D.A.’s name in with that lot., like he wasn’t the drummer in PJ lineup we all fell in love with. and acting magnanimous “what can I say, great drummer”, throwing scraps when DA should have a seat at the table. It’s shameful. Rob from Metallica and whoever the curtain RHCP guitarist scrub were inducted as full members and they hadn’t recorded a single NOTE with the band.

Reeves went in with the Cure *despite only being a touring member, and subbing as guest guitar on one single 10 years ago, but not as a member. Yet actual Cure members Andy Andeson, Phil Thornally, Mattheiu Hartley who were on several albums didn’t go in. It’s mainly what the bands wants, but in some cases the HOF weighs in, KISS was stopped at the original 4. DA got a raw deal as did Ritchie and CJ Ramone, Doug Yule, and many others.”