Alter Bridge Drop 2022 New Album Bombshell


Alter Bridge will likely go into the studio in 2022 to record a new album, according to Myles Kennedy in a new Rock Antenne interview.

“With Alter Bridge, the plan is to try and get in the studio, hopefully, next year, and make a record.

“We’ve gotta write and get all that done first, and then just see if the world’s back to normal to where we could ban at that level, can go out on tour.

“And it’s kind of the same thing with Slash and The Conspirators. At the levels that we’re at, you’re gonna need to make sure the world’s open enough to facilitate a tour.

“But for that one, we’ve got plenty of songs in the can and we’re excited. It’s going to be cool but we’re just in a holding pattern, waiting to see when we can release them, and do it.”

There are 11 tracks on ‘The Ides of March.’ Is there a song with a special meaning for you?

“There are a few. Most of them in a way really have a place in my heart, but probably my favorite track is the title track, ‘The Ides of March,’ because it was the one that took the longest to write, and I really put a lot into it.

“There are some tracks that were written in an afternoon and those were easy but this one was a labor of love, and I knew until it was finished I didn’t have the records.

“So once it was done, I was like, ‘Huh…’ I was happy with how it turned out.”

Can you tell us what it is about?

“The first half of it is kind of this dark… The phrase ‘The Ides of March,’ I look at it as a warning, it’s very prophetic, the dark possibilities.

“And there was so much at the beginning as that song was being written that we didn’t understand and didn’t know where things were going to go, so that is manifested in the first part.

“The second half of the song is very optimistic, it’s the idea that cool heads prevail in times of change, and that became my own personal mantra to help me maintain perspective in these unique times.

“And so, yeah, to me, it’s really helpful, just reciting some of those lyrics has a powerful effect on my own life.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.