Pearl Jam & Justin Bieber Massive Shows Revealed


Rumors are abundant in the world of music. There have been so many could have been factors and fantasy lineups that never happened even after being talked about over and over again on the internet. It’s so easy to spread things today as well. With social media still being taken at face value, we have to question things more often. That’s what fans have been doing since word has leaked out about the possibility of seeing Pearl Jam at Estadio National in Chile for March 2023, with a Justin Bieber show also on the document.

Looking deeper into this, it looks like the band and the pop star will not actually be together for the show. In fact, what was leaked was a lineup that seems to be from the past. In the leak, you see a piece of paper which states what the next few years looked like from that point in time from the past. In the year 2022, we see Justin Bieber being named as what looks to be the main attraction for the show. In 2023, we see Pearl Jam in that spot.

Furthermore, to see how accurate this leak is, we did some digging. It does look like Justin Bieber will be playing the show in Chile this year in September. Tickets are looking to be about $77usd for floor tickets currently. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to expect Pearl Jam to be the main event for next year’s show. Pearl Jam have not yet said if this is the case, but the paperwork that said Justin Bieber would be the highlight of the 2022 show was on point.

We will continue to monitor this situation as the date to the supposed Pearl Jam show gets closer. In the meantime, check out the leak below which was posted up on the PearlJamOnline Instagram account.