Pearl Jam Launching Residency In Major City?


It has been recently noted that Pearl Jam are in talks to perform shows at Dolby Live in Las Vegas. It’s unclear if this will be a multi-night stint, or part of an extended residency.

Bruce Springsteen joins Eddie Vedder for a conversation

It is a known fact that Bruce Springsteen learned how to make his guitar talk. Teaching Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder how to horseback ride was another matter. Springsteen and Vedder recently spoke about hitting the trail during a conversation filmed at Springsteen’s home in Colts Neck to talk about Vedder’s new solo record, “Earthling.”

The subject of the song “Picture” from “Earthling” also came up. The track features a guest performance by Elton John. The conversation between Springsteen and Vedder conversation is about a half hour long and was filmed by Thom Zimny and presented by Amazon Music. It’s now available to watch on Vedder’s YouTube channel, or here, above.

“That was written about a time a few years back when Jill (McCormick) and I came to visit you and Patti (Scialfa in Colts Neck) and we took a walk out to the barn and we even rode some horses,” Vedder said.

“Yeah we did!” Springsteen exclaimed.

“And I don’t ride horses,” Vedder said. “I asked you ‘Bruce, how do I ride a horse?’ And you said, ‘This is what’s going to happen. You get on a horse. You’re going to stay on it and the horse is going to walk and then we’re going to come right back.’ ”

It is to be noted that The Springsteens are fond of horses. Daughter Jessica Springsteen won a silver medal as a member of the U.S. equestrian jumping team in the Tokyo Olympics.

“I got three experts,” Vedder said. “My wife rides horses all the time, Patti’s an expert, your daughter …”

“Forget about it!” Springsteen said.

“Legend, come on,” Vedder said. “You look great on a horse. You know what you’re doing and one horse decides to take off running. Imagine which horse that might have been. I used all my big wave surfing skill to stay on board. It started heading to the trees — I said here we go!”

A rock star injury was apparently prevented that day. “It was well done,” said Springsteen of Vedder’s ride. “We got back to the barn and you got that cool black-and-white camera and you took a shot of us and then for next Christmas you sent two big prints,” said Vedder, who touched his heart. “So ‘Picture’ of love, that’s about one of the pictures.”