Pearl Jam Make Important March 2022 Announcement


Pearl Jam recently sent out a message regarding the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. Many across the globe have voiced their opinions to cease the war as it has taken several lives. Now, the Eddie Vedder fronted band has opened up on the war crisis and wants the two Nations to settle the conflicts without shedding more blood. It was also noted that Pearl Jam is headed to East Coast for a Tour this year.

Pearl Jam issues a statement

Taking to their official Facebook account they sent out a post stating: “The majority of humans on this planet are more consumed by the pursuit of love, health, family, food and shelter than any kind of war. War hurts. We are such a remarkable species. Capable of creating beauty. Capable of awe-inspiring advancements. We must be capable of resolving conflicts without bloodshed.

Join us in supporting the most vulnerable victims of this horror, the kids:”.

Russia has wreaked havoc on Ukraine as it began its invasion last week. According to the Ukrainian government, with forces moving from the north, east, and south. The attack is still growing, but explosions and airstrikes have been reported, with threats mounting against the capital, Kyiv, a city of 2.8 million people who are at risk.

Tension has risen in Ukraine after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the military assault on neighboring Ukraine. This has caused him to receive backlash from all across the globe. Putin’s Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, claims that 137 soldiers and civilians died on Thursday. Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv has been on the end of explosions as a result of Russia’s supposed ‘peacekeeping mission’.

People across the globe are hopeful that the war crisis would cease soon.

Eddie Vedder’s latest solo album ‘Earthling’, which came out on February 11th is receiving positive feedback from fans young and old. Over on Amazon, one user named HaiKarate stated: “In our current reality of throwaway, soulless and shallow music, here’s something real. There’s the meaning and real depth here, but it isn’t boring. While so many others seem to believe it’s an either/or proposition, Vedder understands that fun, uplifting music can carry important messages. It’s a terrific album and should be heard because it’s very much needed right now. And while you’re at it, check out Pearl Jam’s 2020 release “Gigaton” if you haven’t already. It’s another needed bit of soul food.”