Pearl Jam Member Offers Alice In Chains Bold Collaboration


Alice In Chains recorded their new album Rainier Fog at Studio X in Seattle. Originally owned by Anne and Nancy Wilson of the band Heart, under the name Bad Animals, Studio X has recorded some of the most influential albums in the last 25 years. Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Dave Matthews, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Chance the Rapper are just a few of the iconic bands that have worked at Studio X.

In a new Pearl Jam Radio interview with Mike McCready, Jerry Cantrell revealed that the studio was closing. McCready then offered AIC to record their next album in his basement, and to put out a single on his record label. Alternative Nation transcribed their conversation.

Jerry Cantrell: We started, Sean and I were talking about recording back home. He had gotten wind that studio might be going under, and we just got word that it is going under. Studio X, I think we recorded the last record there.

Mike McCready: We did a lot of stuff there. Soundgarden, Mad Season.

Sean Kinney: REM, Dave Matthews. It’s sad to see all of the big studios going away, especially in our hometown like that. I don’t know if it’ll pop up in some other building.

Mike: I think Reed is trying to do something different with it, but that just sucks that it’s going away. I’m glad you guys recorded there though.

Sean: We’ll just do it at your house next time.

Mike: You’ve got it. I have a studio in my basement, you guys are welcome to come over and play fucking as long as you want.

Sean: We’ll just do it at your pad. We’re not going to ask, we’re just going to show up with a truck full of gear. It’ll definitely be at the worst and most awkward time, no advance warning, just beep beep beep. You hear a truck backing up.

Mike: If you do it, you have to commit to doing a single on my record label called Hockeytalkter. All we do is singles. I don’t know if your record label will allow it, but if that happens, this is a verbal contract right now.

Sean: Nobody is the boss of us.