Foo Fighters Member Reveals How Much Money He Made Per Week


In a new interview with KLOS 95.5, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins revealed how much Alanis Morissette paid him per week when he was in her band in the 90’s. Hawkins left her band in 1997 to join Foo Fighters. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Interviewer: You said once that you’d be delivering pizzas if it wasn’t for her?

Dave Grohl: It’s never too late.

Taylor Hawkins: Yeah, I mean, i had played with a couple people before that. A lady named Sass Jordan, actually. And I was just kinda picking up gigs wherever I could as a drummer for hire so I didn’t have to do lawns and stuff. So like, I, got that gig from playing with Sass Jordan; I think I was making  $350 a week with her and then $500 a week with Alanis. I got handed, the manager he said, check this out, here’s three songs. And one of them was “You Oughtta Know”.

And I remember like, putting the cassette in my girlfriend’s car and my girlfriend was like, “that’s gonna be huge”. I was like, “Yeah, uh huh”. Like you could kinda hear it. And so I joined the band or she put the band together and I was lucky enough to get the gig as the drummer.