Pearl Jam Member Records Chris Cornell Tribute


Devoted fans of both Neil Young and Pearl Jam, rejoice. Scott McCaughey’s upcoming tribute album, Calling Cortez, featuring Minus 5, has us all eagerly anticipating its release on June 16th. While you may not be currently thinking about the Pearl Jam and Neil Young connection just yet, be sure to hold onto something.

As reported by Pearl Jam online, The upcoming album will feature eleven songs with several tracks showcasing Pearl Jam’s own Mike McCready on guitar and the album is also influences heavily by Neil Young.

Neil Young has been a seminal figure in the world of rock music for over five decades, and his influence can be felt in countless artists across the genre. His music is characterized by his distinctive guitar work, poignant lyrics, and unique vocal style, which have captivated fans around the world. In fact, many call him the “Godfather of Grunge.”

It’s no surprise that a talented musician like Scott McCaughey would choose to pay tribute to him with an album.

The addition of Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready to the project is another reason to be excited about ‘Calling Cortez’. McCready is an amazing guitarist and has been a longtime collaborator with Young, having performed on several of his albums. His guitar work is sure to add an extra layer of depth and richness to the tribute album, making it a must-listen for fans of both Young and Pearl Jam.

This should be an exciting venture for everyone involved. The album promises to deliver eleven heartfelt interpretations of Young’s music, with the added bonus of Mike McCready’s exceptional guitar work. As a devoted fan of both artists, I can’t wait to hear what they’ve created and look forward to experiencing the unique energy and spirit that Young’s music brings to us all. Let’s see what we have for us when it drops.

Also, this summer, fans of Soundgarden can look forward to two exciting releases: Superunknown Redux and Best of Soundgarden Redux, both featuring covers of the iconic grunge band’s songs. One standout track to watch out for is a version of “4th Of July,” recorded by a group of talented artists, including Matt Cameron and Alain Johannes (from Eleven and Queens of The Stone Age).

As a longtime Soundgarden fan, I’m thrilled to hear about these upcoming tribute albums. Soundgarden’s music has left a lasting impact on the grunge scene and has influenced countless artists in the years since their initial success. It’s fitting that these two albums will showcase the breadth and depth of the band’s music, as interpreted by a diverse range of musicians.