Pearl Jam Member Reveals How Chris Cornell ‘Invited’ Eddie Vedder Into Grunge Scene


Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready remembered Chris Cornell during a recent Q&A discussing his new book Of Potato Heads and Polaroids with KEXP. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments when he saw a photo of Cornell.

“That’s really tough to look at that right now, since I was just at that funeral. Rest in peace Chris. He was such a good dude, and was very instrumental in me being able to play on a legitimate record. Temple of the Dog was the first thing I ever played on in terms of a record. They were his songs, and he was super accommodating, and he was really cool to Ed and I when we first started.

When Ed came here, there was a lot of pushback, like this guy is from San Diego, and people were kind of dicks to him, I was kind of pissed about that. Chris was not that way, he was very inviting, he took him out for beers, they went hiking.

Same with me, but I was from here. He made Ed loosen up, and invited him in the scene, which he didn’t have to do. He could have went, ‘Look I’m fucking Chris Cornell. I’m the guy.’ He wasn’t, he was very accommodating, and very nice, he was always that way with me. I love him, and I’ll miss him dearly.”